About Me



I’m a moody cook….but not in a banging pots and pans, or a crying over a fallen soufflé kind of way.  I’m a moody cook because I cook only when I am in the mood to (which is often) and I only cook what I am in the mood to cook (which varies).

 I guess that is one of the pros to being at the “empty nester” stage. Long gone are the days when I had to figure out how to put together a meal that 4 little picky eaters (and 2 food-lovin’ adults) could all sit down and enjoy together.  For the record, they all grew up to be food-lovin’ young people….  So have heart if you are reading this while worrying about your little cutie who won’t touch meat with marks on it, eats only orange things, or throws a fit when you cut up his Eggo’s “wrong“!

 Most of these recipes come from my considerable collection of cookbooks, but some are my own, and some are inspired by all of the talented cooks and photographers out there doing just what I am trying to do….share a love of cooking, and feeding our friends and families.  Please enjoy!  And keep sharing recipes and ideas…I am always on the hunt for The Right Recipe!